Thursday, 17 May 2012


Another wonderful film camera. The pictures aren't quite as vibrant which doesn't always suit my photography, but it's a nice change and a pleasure to use.

LC-A Lovlies

So a while back I posted about my lovely new toy the LC-A+!

I expected big things from this compact beauty and it didn't really disappoint! All the images are full of vibrant colours and life. I've fallen in love with my LC-A+ and these are some examples of why.

Some of these are to be in an photography zine by myself and Yvette Earl 


Trying my hand as something new. By no means a tattoo drawing! just a pretty illustration. 

MJ Cole Poster

MJ Cole Poster for local night club Concete

The Sun Explodes / Ourfamous Dead

Poster for The Sun Explodes / Ourfamous Dead gig at the brickyard

Slow Club Poster Design

Poster design for SLOW CLUB at The Brickyard in Carlisle.

you should all checkout the lovely duos "folktastic" album Paradise.

Lauren McGuiness Photography

I was recently asked to design a new logo for a local wedding / portrait photographer. 

you can find Laurens beautiful photography by clicking Here

New updates / Old projects

I'm about to upload a whole bunch of stuff. Some old, some new! I haven't really updated my blog for a while so apologies in advance.

Packaging/ Advertising

This Project was one I did a while ago at uni. The brief was to package, and advertise water as if it was a new product. I chose to market it to, the people most likely to buy anything that comes in nice packaging! You're run of the mill stereotypical hipster.