Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My new toy!

I can't wait to shoot my first film.


  1. Hey Chelsea, I love your work!
    I actually just linked to your blog from my own, as we were featured next to each other in Imagine That magazine (how I found out about you, and I was extra impressed by your work because it was about my favourite band Arcade Fire!)
    So anyway, the post is here ( if you wanted to have a look.

    And I'm also very jealous that you've got this camera! What was in the little tins? x

  2. Hi Hannah,

    i'm so sorry i've taken so long to reply! my website has been down and I hardly use this! must update more! thank you so much for your kind words :) I loved your photography i'm a big vintage camera lover so was also very pleased to be featured next to your work!! There was Iso 100 film inside the cute little tins!! also thank you for featuring me on your blog, i'll be sure to return the favour when I finally make a post about it :)